Welcome to Narita! “NAGOMI-YONEYA” is a long-established Japanese confectionary shop located on Narita Omotesando Road. | 日本語

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Guide to the Flagship Shop of NAGOMI-YONEYA

NAGOMI-YONEYA – Flagship Shop

  • Postal Code : 286-0032
  • Address : 500, Kamicho, Narita-shi, Chiba Prefecture
  • Business Hours : 8:00 – 18:00 (Ordinary days)
    (New Year’s Day: 24:00 New Year’s Eve – 18:00 New Year’s Day)
  • Open all year-round

This is where the history of NAGOMI-YONEYA began.
The Flagship Shop is situated on Narita Omotesando Road, bustling daily with visitors to the Naritasan Temple and local residents.
Inside, you will find a confectionary sales corner, a cafe where you can enjoy Japanese noodles and sweets and a gallery on the 2nd floor.

Please feel free to drop by and take a relaxing break from shopping.

The shop is provided with a space where you can sit and relax free of charge.
We also offer self-service tea.

Guide to the NAGOMI-KABO Café

We serve items such as buckwheat and wheat noodles and sweets at the “NAGOMI-KABO Café” on the first floor of the Flagship Shop.

Yoi-Murasaki and Whisked Matcha <Powdered Green Tea> Set

Taste that reflects the culmination of more than one hundred years of history and tradition