Welcome to Narita! “NAGOMI-YONEYA” is a long-established Japanese confectionary shop located on Narita Omotesando Road. | 日本語

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About Yokan

Painstakingly kneaded by skilled craftsmen from raw materials such as adzuki beans, sugar and agar, Yokan is a typical type of Japanese confectionary that has been handed down through the ages.
Of the various types available, NAGOMI-YONEYA is said to be the first shop in Japan to make Kuri-Yokan, a confection that has since become a representative item of the shop.


Made with loving care using traditional techniques handed down from the days of the establishment of NAGOMI-YONEYA, our Premium Yokan has a beautiful color and luster and a deeply-satisfying taste.

Hon-neri Yokan

Yokan made with strained red bean paste to give a smooth texture.


Yokan containing whole soft boiled chestnuts (Kuri)


Yokan made with coarse sweet red bean paste to give the texture and flavor of adzuki beans


A luxuriant Yokan with a generous amount of chestnuts.
Finished with a refined sweetness to bring out the delicious taste of adzuki beans and chestnuts.
This Yokan is steamed and hardened with ingredients such as flour and kudzu starch.

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