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Peanuts Monaka

About Monaka

Monaka is a kind of cake that consists of thin baked shells made from rice and filled with sweet red bean paste.
The shape of the shell used nowadays first appeared in the Meiji period (1868 - 1912) and is now used in regions across the country to make a wide variety of popular Monaka.

Peanuts Monaka

Cute peanut-shaped Monaka shells are filled with red bean paste kneaded together with a sweet paste made from flavorsome boiled peanuts.
The peanut-shaped box is also a popular item that makes the product the ideal gift.
Peanut Monaka is NAGOMI-YONEYA's most popular product.

  • Won the Honorary President Award at the 26th National Confectionary Exposition
  • Won the Kikka Eiko Award at the 25th National Confectionary Exposition
  • Won the Japan Federation of Gifts and Souvenirs Chairman's Award at the 46th Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest

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