Welcome to Narita! “NAGOMI-YONEYA” is a long-established Japanese confectionary shop located on Narita Omotesando Road. | 日本語

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  • The Wisdom King
    The premises of our flagship shop include the site of the first Wisdom King statue to be relocated to Narita.
  • Classic
    NAGOMI-YONEYA Yokan with a traditional taste produced using refined techniques that reflect the spirit of our foundation.
    Kuri-Yokan is a popular item that has remained unchanged since the days of our establishment.
  • The Narita Yokan
    Archives Museum
    “NAGOMI-YONEYA” has walked hand in hand down through the years with the Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple. The Narita Yokan Archives Museum presents exhibits that illustrate this long history and the origins of NAGOMI-YONEYA Yokan.
  • YONEYA's
    We offer you “a unique experience of taste and healing” with our classic “Kuri-Yokan” and other types of Japanese confectionary that give color to the seasons.
  • Flagship Shop
    The history of NAGOMI-YONEYA started at our flagship shop.
  • JR Narita Station Shop
    This store is located near JR Narita station. Please drop by to purchaseitems such as Japanese confectionary and souvenirs.
  • Narita Sightseeing
    Links to “Feel Narita,” the official site of the Narita City Tourism Association.
  • Company
    Presents company information of YONEYA Corporation.